Wise Words… #64

"It is because a fellow is more afraid of the trouble he might have than he ever is of the trouble he's already got. He'll cling to trouble he's used before he'll risk a change" ~ WILLIAM FAULKNER

Wise Words… #63

"If there is something called the unconscious, it means that one doesn't have to know what one is doing in order to do it, and in order to do it while knowing full well" - JACQUES LACAN

Wise Words… #61

"Whate'er the work a man performs, the most effective aid to its completion, the most prolific source of true success, is energy, without despondency" ~ RAMAYANA    

Wise Words… #55

“What constitutes the ‘normal’ mind, and whether such a thing can actually exist, are questions of considerable theoretical, and sometimes of practical interest.” A. E. Jones

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